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Country: Singapore

Why Bizhub Asia ?

  • Improve Cost effectiveness (reduce cost overhead)
  • Capitalise on technological advance/ Network expertise
  • Allow Company focus on core business
  • Provide seamless delivery of service
  • Reduce response time to participants request (shorter time get the right people in the right place)
  • Increase flexibility in handling special needs.
  • Increase quality on people management ( Total Quality Management )

Our Commitment

  1. Assist Company in fitting “Right Candidate in the Right job”
  2. Matching Candidate based on knowledge, skill and abilities (KSAs) in order to best fit the candidate to Our Client
  3. Designing management system to ensure that human talent is used effectively and efficiently to accomplish an organization goal




Exit Interview

By repeating the whole recruitment process, finding and training talents is costly to all organisations.

We provide deep and  accurate insight information to reason why good employees leave.

This will improve the necessary turnover and improve operations.


Why Engage Us?

  1. We ensure exit interview are done professionally and confidentially.
  2. We generate insights to why employee choose to leave
  3. We provide solutions for company to improve on their operations and reduce costly turnover.
  4. We reduce your turnover, improve operations and manpower overhead costs such as recruiting and training etc.


Our Expertise

  1. We customise exit interview questions to encourage employee to offer in depth  feedback
  2. We identify where the problems and offer solutions
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