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We offer one of the most comprehensive candidate databases around the world building on our extensive international networks.

Our specialist team are dedicated in sourcing candidates from around the world, including top management expatriate talents.

Our approach is results oriented and focused upon providing a solution with our dedicated research team that analyses the market to identify the most suitable talent for your organisation.

We have built up an extensive candidate network from which we are able to deliver dedicated services to our clients and job-seekers through understanding their needs.

Our international advertisements and networks position us in maximum visibility in both online and social media  response.

Getting the Right People in the Right Job is the most important success factor for an organization. Recruiting an employee used to be a resource-intensive task due to the extensive time taken in job posting, selection, and accessibility to a suitably qualified candidate.

At Bizhub Asia, our core businesses is Permanent Placement. With our extensive experience in recruitment consultancy and candidate selection, we are able to interview and select the most qualified candidate to present to our clients.

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